Ina Mae McKinney

was born September 18, 1907 at McMinn near Elmsville. She was predeceased by three siblings - brother Harold, and two sisters, Helen and Reta and three half-brothers, Milton, Willis and Howard.

There are some things we know for sure about this family:

• they love to laugh
• they love to tell a good joke
• they love to make music
• they love to dance and
• they have a great appreciation for family, friends and community

Aunt Ina married Raymond (Ray) Johnson on November 18th, 1935 one day after Ray’s 31st birthday. While they had no children they loved and appreciated their extended family who were always a part of their lives. We girls always knew that Aunt Ina had a special place in her heart for the men in the family.

Aunt Ina and Uncle Ray lived in various places as they moved to follow his career with Dominion Store. His last position was as Manager of the Dominion Store in St. Stephen. Uncle Ray predeceased her in 1978.

One could only admire and be in awe of Aunt Ina’s no-nonsense approach of knowing WHO she was, knowing WHAT she wanted, knowing WHEN she wanted it and knowing WHO would provide whatever it was that she wanted! Aunt Ina also lived in the era when it was the man’s job to spoil, look after and treat women like doll’s - in this instance, Princess Ina from Princess Street.

Being in her company meant there was always a cute joke, a lesson on how to make the perfect drink (lots of ice and easy on the water) and a myriad knowledge on the life and times of just about every person and event in Charlotte County from 1908 to these last few weeks. In our family when a fact was queried it was to Aunt Ina, THE SOURCE, our very own Karnac, that we turned to.

Aunt Ina was able to remain in her own home with the kindness and support of Dr. Maloney who visited her at home to give her allergy shots. The added bonus was that he would entertain her by playing the piano.

Staying home on a day-to-day basis was achieved with the loving support of all the Home Support ladies, Extra Mural nurses and the many kindnesses of friends and neighbours. When the day came that she was no longer able to be at home - home became Lincourt Manor. There Ina’s faithful friends, family and the staff brought the world to her. With your support Aunt Ina continued to be a part of living every day to the fullest. To each of you, our sincere thanks

She was a member of the KM Unit of her home church, Kirk McColl and was a 78 year member of Olive Rebekah Lodge.

Now it would be remiss of me if there was not a wee story to tell. I was present at this historic moment. When Aunt Ina’s sister Helen died just family remained at the Funeral Home after visiting hours. As we were leaving Aunt Ina went over and patted her sister’s hand and said: “You look good Helen! Goodnight, I’ll see you tomorrow”. Aunt Ina then turned to those of us remaining and said and I quote: “ Now, before I forget - when I die, if I look good - leave the casket open……. if not, close it”.

Well, Aunt Ina - you looked good!