Xmas 1991 Greetings to one and all this Holiday Season!

Twas less than three weeks before the big day,
And I'm utterly speechless, knowing not what to say.
The year has been long and wrought with frustration,
High property taxes; the plight of our nation.

Property taxes have gone off the scale,
I've been vocal, to yet no avail.
The Spicer Commission dropped by for a chat,
On a cold blustery night thats where I was at.

Cross-border shopping has reached a new high,
While our country is left financially dry.
I've learned that "Dear Otto" had studied this fact,
And knew it was coming but said: "Oh, what the hack".

With a salary quite generous, expenses to boot,
It's easy to see why he gives not a hoot.
So what do we do? How do we cope?
We're left feeling sick; without little hope.

The politicians don't waiver, they are all right,
With this attitude hopes not yet in sight.
So continue to "plow on" despite their belief,
That continually spending will bring us relief.

It's back to the basics we need at this time,
Less government, common sense and not some old line,
"We know what's best for you!" - I think not,
That reasoning has got us into this spot.

I write my MLA and MP (I talk to them too)
I refuse to let them off with what they're trying to do.
This is our country, lets keep it on track,
Once you lose something, it's tough getting it back.

So my message this Christmas is short and in rhyme,
To let you all know that this is the time,
To review the past year and put in perspective,
And come up with a plan, perhaps new directive.

What will it be? Quite simply, this...

Take each day and make it pure bliss,
Granted some will be rather hit or miss.
Friends are important, keep in touch,
Call, write, or snack out - go dutch.
And family, well, family keeps us in line,
They listen to you talk, ocassionally whine.
They feed you and stroke you and lend comfort too,
Where would we be without love from you.

May the Blessings of Life be showered on you this Christmas.