XMAS 1992 A quick look at the year at the Holmes Household. What's the same?

Our property taxes have been reduced (slightly) so our next step is to the Ombudsman as we feel more than 18 months delay is too long to wait for an answer that has such a long-term effect on our lives.

We've lost several tenants this year including Stedman's which went bankrupt across Canada. Fortunately, we have one new tenant that has rented the restaurant section where Stedman's were and we opened another new shop - Artisans plus to utilize the space that was left vacant by the department store. As usual, friends, family and others pitched in to help us out. It looks really nifty and it is important that the space look attractive and active so that if/when someone comes along they will be interested in renting the space.

Our next door tenant at home left and so we decided that a complete redecorating job needed to be done. As is with any re-do there is always one minor hitch. I goofed on the choice of a beautiful dusty rose colour to go in the master bedroom. When I came home after it had dried I was blinded... added white paint didn't tone it done one iota so... it is now a soft, pearl grey. Anyone interested in a few gallons of bilious pink?? Going cheap!!

We've had our usual trips to Maine (for rest & relaxation) before our summer season and I've been on the go to gift shows and to meetings for Themadel Foundation.

Mum had a mastectomy in late January, radiation followed and through it all she was her usual self - her inner strength and faith is awesome. Dad had cataract surgery last December. Despite all these little health glitches they trot around the country, are on the go constantly and frankly, it's not easy keeping up with them. My comment - way to go!

I've had several trips for Themadel that Mum and Dad joined me on - one to Keswick Ridge on a beautiful September day and the other to Caribou, Nova Scotia. It was fun spending uninterrupted time with them and on the way to Caribou we spent the night in Sackville at the Marshlands Inn. It felt like old times being on the road with them...a really good feeling.

We've had our usual visits with family coming home - Art & Dot from Philadelphia, Aunt Ina down for her birthday (Phyllis and I BEAT Aunt Ina and Mady at 45's - put a mark on the wall), and at Thanksgiving the Howsons and Howson Jans came. With help from all the family we had our usual Thanksgiving dinner at the Parish Hall and this year was especially nice as Jeff's Aunt Edna brought her sisters and niece and nephew. Don played the piano and we had a great sing-song.
I got involved with a fun project - the ladies of the Catholic Church asked me to be commentator for their rather unique fashion show...a showing of bridal gowns (attendants) that spanned 1867-1992). What fun it was...picture perfect day and one of those days when everything went right. Dress rehearsal was five days before the show and everything that could go wrong did. The lady who organized the show asked me how I thought it went - I had to lie and say "Oh, fine". I went home to Jeff and said I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was disastrous. Just goes to show that a LOUSY rehearsal makes for a great day!!

We went to three weddings this fall - two on the same day. Each were very pretty but different. (Talk about stuffed after two delicious meals.)

Jeff business has been busy which is great but the pace is sometimes mind-boggling and altogether too much. His term of office as President of the Chamber ended in October but I know that something else will come along to replace that.

Jeff got a cold early last December and didn't get rid of it until July. I, however, did not have ONE single cold last year another milestone in my life. I did have a right arm that would rise and fall by 4 - 5 centimetres. After several doctors and all sorts of tests "they" finally decided that maybe my diuretics needed to be increased ... another instance of me being able to say "I told you so".

Blaine continues to work in St. Stephen at Sears (really likes the job and the people he works for/with) and he got a new cat. He's all white and WILD in fact, in conversations with others who have his siblings they all are...valium might help and I'm seriously thinking of that instead of a toy for Rambo's Xmas gift.

"Mady" continues to be involved in community work, and cooks up a storm. We are welcome recipients of the fruits of her labours.

Janet is out every night ...yes, you are Janet. Work was an upheaval for her this year.

Our "Jodi" is as cute as ever - had a terrible case of the flu last winter - kept passing out, wouldn't eat so after antibiotics and IV therapy she was fine... but she was one sick puppy.

After reviewing the year it has been busy and always reminds me of a typical remark from a tourist "What on earth do you do here at the end of the summer season". If they only knew.

Have a wonderful Christmas, we all deserve it.
Peace and Joy to You All.