Our Year in Review for 2013....

My Philosophy on Life


The philosopher, James Arthur Ray, states Wealth Harmonics requires balance in these five areas in our life: “ financial, relational, mental, physical and spiritual”.

This description makes me focus on the parts of who I am. This year I suspect most people have found these five areas have shifted as it feels as if the world is adjusting to changes, big changes.

It seems like those we speak to in business, families, or hear about governments at all levels whether in our own backyard or around the world, financial is followed by the word “crisis” or “the lack thereof”. TV, newspapers and individuals seem to have focused on this subject with such determination that the opposite and equal balancer is missing. It does not mean we have to hide our head in the sand and not deal with reality. It does mean we also need to, in a phrase, remember to “count our blessings”.

My greatest anchor is the fact that the Emerson’s have been in Charlotte County since 1866. Life goes on and the secret is to understand that we are much more than our financial description. It is important but no more important than those other four words.

As I age I realize two things about relations. First, is the relation with myself. Am I treating myself with the same care, compassion and kindness that I try to do in my relations with others. This was a real eye opener for it is not selfish but my job to first and foremost love self with enthusiasm. Secondly, if I do not have a great relationship with self how can I expect to have one with others.

I can love myself unconditionally knowing I am simply human and will make mistakes or as I now describe - GREAT LEARNING EXPERIENCES. Thus in relationships I want to be around people who are grounded in the enthusiasm of simply BE - ING no matter the circumstances. This does not mean that one has to be dancing every moment of every day, however, at their core is the ability to sit, reflect, and understand that without people and relationships life lacks the warmth of love.

Our internal word speak. I have come to understand just how much influence our mind has on our lives. Is the glass half-full or half-empty. It is not just a personal mindset I know too it is what our leaders say, do and speak. IF we continue to feel we are a drive-through, have-not province THEN guess what?! It is a self-fullfilling prophesy. IF that is what we believe THEN that is what we will be. I also believe that IF we want life to be different THEN we have think in very new and different ways.

I liken it to ads that talk about removing stains - our stain is our putting ourselves down. Sometimes a new way of thinking is simply to shift ourselves even by 5 degree’s in our thinking. What if we shifted our external word speak - to - we are creative, innovative, and honourable, in all that we do. We forget we can either live “up to” or “settle for less” and frankly, I love the challenge of living up to being the best that we can be - a word the evokes the thought of flourishing. It has such a greater truth of potential than the word languishing. Which would you rather do, languish or flourish?

Back to my farming roots. I believe that Mother Earth (in the whole-wide world) is reflected in our own bodies. I say this for again this year I have had several health issues. It is like Mother Earth has written a tale of woe within my body that reflects what we are doing to the planet. I feel things from an energetic level. You can pooh pooh me all you want or think I’ve lost it, however, we cannot continue to mistreat Mother Earth and not expect it to be reflected in our lives.

We have so forgotten the circle of life - chemicals in our homes, in the ground, in our water and air will enter our bodies through the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. Mother Earth is dying - and so are we. IF we are going to pollute Mother Earth THEN we pollute ourselves. It is just that simple and remember, dead is dead whether a stripped forest land or me.

This is my favourite one for this one speaks to my spirit and this earthly experience as Ardeth. Many years ago spirit was tested when I had congestive heart failure and was so ill and other illnesses came one after the other. After two years of so many things I woke up one day knowing that life was spirit. I have an earthly experience and a heavenly one. Dying is an earthly term for my spirit is encased in a physical body. And then there is simply the term - I AM. The SPIRIT of who I am lives on. I like to describe SPIRIT in this way. Think of a balloon with no air in it, flat and no fun. Then - blow air into that balloon and it fills out and soars which I describe as my earthly experience. Pop the balloon and the air that flows out is my spirit - scattered throughout time. I AM. I think of the line - Breathe on Me Breath of Life. Welcome to the Breath of Life called Spirit!

I feel our Spirit is everlasting. I do believe in reincarnation too. I just know I have been “here” before for there are things I know that have not been part of this lifetime but I know for sure. Fruit of the Spirit is what I like to think of as the outer wrapping for wealth harmonics.

These are gifts given by the Divine to each and every one of us, however, we do have to open them and feel deserving of them! And for me, I was meant to be here, and feel Divine within. I had lost that for a time and now I have it back within me. One day when meditating I had a visual of me floating through space with this long umbilical cord attached to God but was I simply floating. Then one day I got the message God was within me.

We are Divine Creations each and every one. I also had to acknowledge that those that I might judge as “bad” are ALL God’s children. God loves us each and every one - and has a Divine capacity for forgiveness even when we do not open our gifts of the Fruit of the Spirit. If we purport to be a Christian then within ourselves we too have to find the Divine within to “judge not lest ye be judged” and “forgive”. This does not mean we have to accept certain things or behaviours for we too must also be peaceful warriors. We can love unconditionally and still be based in the reality of the fruit of the spirit.

From Galatians 5:22-23 the Fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Christmas time brings out in us the desire to buy something that reflects those words when thought, words, and deeds showing the words in action are the best gifts. We no longer exchange presents at Christmas for what do we truly need? Instead, we celebrate our
birth days.

Life is so much easier - although having said that - we girl cousins draw names and exchange table gifts - fun things. I think we would agree that these gifts to each other reflect the generational family ties we have had through the ages of sharing joy in each other’s company, and the simple pleasures of life - being with each other and this year especially as we are each orphans as cousin Ruth and Betty died this past year as did Dad. Our generational place holders are no more, however, our being together are indeed the
ties that bind.

We send all the gifts of the Fruit of the Spirit not just the usual of Peace on Earth. I have come to understand that IF we desire such things as Peace on Earth just as the song lyrics states: “Let There Be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with me...” the same holds true for all the gifts of the Fruit of the Spirit.

IF we want love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control THEN let it begin with me. Being human, even with Divine within, I do not reach all of those goals, however, I forgive self, am forgiven and I start again. In the starting again comes my HUGE capacity to hope. Some who observe this trait in me tend to think that I see life through rose-coloured glasses, or have a Pollyanna attitude when in fact, I see the realities of life and still have faith and hope that we can indeed flourish.

If I were to state what my role on this earth is I would like to think that my BE-ING helped others reach their full potential. And let it begin with me.....and I can honestly say I FEEL like I am flourishing achieved in part because of the things others have taught me.


With the Algonquin still closed since March 2012 business in St. Andrews has been quiet including HMS. Financial worries seep into Jeff for in business there is payroll to meet, others lives depending on the work at HMS, and so financial is a big worry for Jeff. And it is our own personal livelihood. Jeff continues to be strong physically and mentally, and it is challenging to keep one’s cup half-full in spirit and thus in relationships too. Knowing that life is about balance less business and a bit more time for self has shown Jeff that the word retirement just might work for him - then that darned old thing call financial harmonics rears its ugly head. How does one find balance?

Ardeth’s Creative Space - a place of fun and healing. This is where my mind, body and spirit meet to balance Wealth Harmonics with the Fruits of the Spirit. My polka dot armoire brings me such joy - a very recent addition to my space. Now it took 5 men, staging and sweat to get it over the upper balcony in order to get it where it is...but.... they did it! The bow window is my writing room overlooking our back garden and a view of the wharf and water of Passamaquoddy Bay. The third photo inside my creative room - table for sewing, one for painting, one for scrapbooking - notice the polka dots on the wall too!!!

Then from the other side of the room my TV. mantel decorated for Christmas and computer where I do creative things too. Can you tell that I like to be visually stimulated when I want to create, or laugh or be filled with joy? Sometimes the view from the bow window is the bloom of iris and the birdbath awaiting wee birdies.

My life this year has yet again has had its physical challenges. While there were several minor things this year health wise the two biggies were heart attack? No, simply my two valves not functioning well. Discussions have been held on two defibrillators for me. No thanks for I really feel that without them I will have the opportunity to live my life to the fullest in the time frame it was meant to be not assisted by mechanical additions. I simply stated to my cardiologist: “When did it become unfashionable to die when the time was right for me”. The other was being diagnosed with temporal arteritis - inflammation of the arteries. It was Jeff who said to me I do not know how you can remain so happy and optimistic.

I realized that no matter what - I was the Lord’s either here on earth on in a heavenly plane. I AM SPIRIT. I knew no matter what happens to me the spirit of me lives on. And I believe that those who have gone before us - help us from that other place. I am reminded of the Bible Verse from Romans 14:8 “For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.” I come back to: I AM SPIRIT. While I may be missed I simply remind each and everyone that there is a time to be born and a time to die and please, rejoice equally in my being here and in my departure for it means it is what is best for me... and that is the true essence of love ... wanting what is best for the one you love. I learned years ago that the most important thing of life on earth - is living it to the fullest. I continue to do so with much of my time spent in my creative space, learning to let others assist me, stair chair too for inclines are my decline, spending time with family and friends and life is good.

This year has also meant I have finally gotten that the word “no” is a complete sentence. I work at finding a rhythm of life that supports balance in my life and ensures I have all the gifts of the fruit of the spirit opened and are using them in my life. (Some days? Stellar! Other days? Abysmal! Thank the good Lord for forgiveness!)

Blaine has been off work since the Hotel closed. On December 11th he began training for the call centre here in St. Andrews. Best Christmas present we could have knowing his life is being supported financially too. He is doing really well, enjoying his place on the Waweig River, and is grounded in life.

Janet as all these things are swirling with changes in government says: “I am so glad I am retired”. She too has her health challenges and yet, we Emerson girls, keep marching on one foot in front of the other. And she does it with two canes and no right hip! Her little house remains her joy. We are doing a few things to make life a little easier for this age/stage of her life. Church is a big word in her life and frankly, I think being a church goer, supporter, etc. can kill you. She makes thousands of cookies a year (well, a lot!), gives with a generous tithing heart and beyond, and works too at other things at the Church. And has other volunteer work as well.

The bottom line? May we all continue to believe in making the world a better place - and let it begin with me balancing my life in Wealth Harmonics that are filled with the Fruits of the Spirit. Love and Blessings - Ardeth, Jeff & Maggie

Maggie loves the backyard lounging by the kettle that came from the farm. HMS decorated a pole for Christmas on Water Street. And the dining room mantel, actually the whole house inside and out, is decorated for Christmas my favourite time of year. xoxoxoxo
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