Year in Review 2015 From Our House to Yours…..

The year began by selling 20 Schoodic Street, St. Stephen. It began our campaign of lightening the load for this new phase of our life - time for selves. The house was in good working order and its energy was one of joy. I believe in energy of people, places, and things thus it was cleaned throughout the day before the papers were signed. When done I blessed the house and filled it with love and joy.

SANDY I had two visits with my dear friend Sandy. In late September I got a call from two friends to inform me that Sandy had died. We three women went to the Retreat House to be with her grown children Aaron, Joelle and her husband Aaron II.
I rejoice in having known her, appreciate and pass on the things that I learned from her, and have gratitude for all the times we shared. As Anne of Green Gables would say: “She is a kindred spirit”.


Sandy in this photo was sending off her book: The Biography of Goddess Inanna, Queen of Heaven, Queen of Earth, and Queen of Almost Everything. It was a ten year project of research and writing. It was a labour of love and a gift to all women to give us our voice in the world.

What a wonderful year for family.

We had our usual great visit with Sharon and Aunt Aileen. Sharon’s daughter Bethany was married in October and before Christmas son David will be married. Two weddings in one year wow! We look forward to meeting Bethany’s husband Eric and David’s wife-to-be Britt.

As things often happen the next big family event came from left field. My cousin in Ontario (whom we were reunited with over ten years ago) was on the family site Ancestry and discovered her Mother’s name on someone’s site whom she did not know. So….she wrote to correct the info, the person immediately responded, Joanne asked permission to share my e-mail with this person and to make a LONG story short…we had an Emerson Family Reunion in August with our ‘new-found relatives’ from California and Idaho as well as others from here, there and everywhere. Technology can be a wonderful tool.

It is so interesting that my sister Janet and I and other ‘local’ relatives knew their hmmm….grandparents… and now we are reconnected. We invited those who married into the family and those who began their lives with the name Emerson.



We did a tour (handy having our own coach company so we could all travel together) of Oak Bay Cemetery where our founding ancestors are buried - William and Anna Emerson; did a short visit at Bev Davis’s farm, up to Clarence Ridge to view the Emerson farm from the great distance, visited the Rolling Dam cemetery where other generations were buried and then on to the farm….

The cleared green fields is our farm plus 295 acres of woodland on both sides of the road


We spent several days together…. shared catered meals at the Anglican Church Hall in St. Andrews catered by Lumberjack’s. The fish chowder was a BIG hit. We used the hall as our gathering place. We had booklets of family lineage that our new cousin Patty Emerson had created and printed off, Emerson family treasures from jewellery to books, and Patty and Joanna had a workshop of how to research your family tree. We found in our “new” family an easy fit like we had known them for years. It was evident that we had many of the same values - …love of God, family, and community.

A special treat was a mini- gathering with a picnic lunch in July at the farm with our cousins who had already booked to be home in July for a school reunion. For Janet and I it brought back many happy memories of gathering with the ladies (and one brave boyfriend - like Dad - being surrounded by women was not a challenge!!) of the Emerson-Sutherland and Emerson - Mitchell clan.

Janet and I are the fifth generation owners of the farm while Jeff and I own the farmhouse and an acre of land. It seemed so ‘right’ that we still owned the land and could share it with all the family from away and for our picnic in July.

IS something about your “roots” or being grounded that surely keeps one connected not only to the land but to know that the land you are walking upon - generations before have done so too. And even though we had never met the relatives from away ….there we were ….one family…rooted to the land and each other.

Sometimes people can feel adrift or that there is something missing and for me this gathering both in July and August set the stage for an expansion of hearts and minds in the celebration of family.

Jeff keeps wanting a For Sale sign to go up ASAP like 5 years ago. I do not have a problem selling the land except for one thing…..and Janet is with me in this….that having the 295 acres of forests clear cut…would break our hearts.

I have dreams for an Intentional Community - check out something called Agri-Hoods - www. There is a part of me that feels this space could be a fabulous intentional community. I’ve been collecting info for ten years. Because of its size 322 acres it would lend itself to having a Montessori School, three generations living on site - the giggles of children, the working class, and the seniors with wisdom to share. Three generations together is the holy trinity of the best of all worlds. The woods is there for firewood, walks, snow-shoeing, wood artisan shop selling furniture, children could learn how to farm, grow their own food, the whole acreage could be a co-op with beautiful houses built (not large but perfect size for one’s needs) to create a neighbourhood in the midst of organic farming…which I learned is called an Agri-Hood.

I have been dreaming of what a 21st Century Farm would look like that would create a space for people to live, be close to nature, and be with people who while one might not share DNA it would be a community or family within itself. I have a dream. Timing is everything….and I hope my dream will coincide with others with the same vision. Earth Mother in that 322 acres has been held with wonderful stewardship - in 2016 for 150 years by our family. My prayer is that it will become a new creative way for living life to the fullest not with one owner but a shared community.

SOLD! HMS TRANSPORTATION coach and bus division was sold November 10th. The black town car /SUV service is still operated by Jeff under its new name Merrill Chauffeured Services 506-529-3101 or e-mail: or Another big change in his/our lives. With a lack of local traffic Jeff also shut down the local taxi service. Why Merrill? It was his material grandparents last name who operated Merrill’s Cabins from 1928 - 1989 and the St. Andrews Woollen Mill. We decorated a tree again for the Food Bank fundraiser for the Festival of Tree’s at Kingsbrae Garden - this year as Merrill Chauffeured Services. Times change.

I got new orthotics and had my left shoe built up as my right leg was about an inch longer than my left. What a difference. Not quite so tottery! We went to see Garrison Keillor in Portland, Maine before he retires. Enjoyed it! Had a short weekend in Ellsworth and a nice visit with friends Bob & Jura who used to live in St. Andrews. Jura and Jeff have known each other since they were kids.

Again this year we attended the Sistema Concert at Kingsbrae Gardens. This after school fiddling program for students with challenges - home life, etc. join and are required to have a huge time commitment. They learn to be a community for making music requires that, and expands their mind for music not only activates the math/logic part of our brain it often opens the soul. I LOVE going to that concert for you know that the children who participate have been chosen to help expand their lives….and just watching them….brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Who knew ….music… the universal language for life and living could be so powerful.

While every aspect of daily living brings new insight, joy or understanding of self and growing self or one’s soul to be all that YOU can Be just recently four hours, two lectures was life-changing, life-enhancing and grew me into a better person.

St. Stephen’s University, St. Stephen, NB is one of those gems that so many do not realize what it offers within the walls of its building and the nuances of how a community can be changed by one such institution.

For instance, there is a renaissance within St. Stephen of ‘growing up’ realizing they are more than a border town and many new entrepreneurs are graduates of the university whose underlying teaching from the outside looking in is being part of a community - St. Stephen and the world.

A friend let me know about a series of lectures by First Nation speakers at the University titled: First Nations Voices and Themes - Public Lecture Series. . One lecturer was the Hon. Graydon Nicholas - My Faith Journey and Aboriginal Spirituality. My soul wept. Google him as he is such a wonderful person…his soul…and gentle spirit…flowed around the room… it was a powerful evening of the reality (truth) of our shared history, the realization that our heart song of love for self and each other is what brings peace (reconciliation). Too often people feel - what can I do I am only one person. And the truth is one person who shares their soul provides an illumination of life from a place of peace and love. Witnessing Soul Work makes one want to strive to let one’s own glimmer and glow even more.

The second lecture I attended was Circle of Understanding - with David and Imelda Perley. Again, I wept. Even writing this part in my Christmas letter has me weeping again. Weeping I have learned is part of a healing process for self and for others. Often others cannot weep for themselves so those who can weep, do for all. It helps release the toxins of the past allowing that cleared space to be filled with love and a new understanding. That is my prayer as I weep.

I had missed the first lecture and by the time I wept through these two I thought I do not have enough energy to attend the others. All I could think about was if I am feeling this way after four hours hearing of what has transpired in their lives with early colonization, residential schools, etc. I would be flattened as my little heart could simply not take any more. With many family reunions this was one too. Our First Nation’s family lives have been filled with generations of….broken hearts and spirits. I weep from my soul tears of apology. I move forward and ask myself how can I be a supportive family member?

Opolahsomuwehs (Imelda) was given a prophecy and when it is ready to be manifested my soul is with her and my physical self if the rhythm of needs matches my rhythm of capabilities. When the time is right for fulfilling the prophecy, I will be contacting my sisterhood to join us.

I know for sure that our family and our First Nation family share a great respect for and honour Earth Mother. The Emerson farm is at the heart of that belief for my Greenock Earth Mother has been a wonderful teacher and healer while living on the land. Even today I close my eyes and imagine myself in the crook of my favourite birch tree reading a book. The tree is in the middle of the rock pile, it is summer time, the leaves whisper a gentle rustle making me feel cooler, the sweetness of the new mown hay fills my soul, and I hear all that is going on - a distant sound of the tractor in a far field, cattle are resting in the shade of a small stand of tree’s in the field below by a little gurgling brook and then I hear Mum’s voice - LUNCH!

Our Christmas hope last year was for Peace on Earth. Our hope has not diminished to achieve Peace on Earth. We remain focused and committed to that outcome.

December 15th, Dad’s birthday, the Truth and Reconciliation Report will be published on our First Nation’s Family and their recommendations for their/our future. I hope all will access it on-line and read for within it will be ways we can participate in the healing process for OUR nation. We ARE family and are all in this together. When we hold peace in what we say, do and think it truly is an energy wave spread within and without swirling around the world. Peace…and love go hand-in-hand.

John 13:34 (ESV) A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another”. Loving each other should be so simple, yet…..

Our prayer is for loving, peaceful hearts, hearths to be shared with those we love….and that we love one another…. every person… everywhere.

Blessings of Love and Peace to all. Ardeth & Jeff